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Talk Changes
Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in
City and Hackney

We are a free and confidential NHS service for adults (18+) registered with a GP in City and Hackney. We offer a range of psychological therapies for people who are experiencing common mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.

Talking therapy is more than just talk: It’s about making changes
to overcome problems and improve wellbeing.

Problems we can help with

One in four of us will be affected by a mental health problem
at some point in our lives. We can provide talking therapies for the following common problems:

  • Feeling low or depressed in mood
  • Worrying a lot about different things
  • Feeling anxious in social situations
  • Panic attacks that come out of the blue
  • Obsessive and compulsive thoughts, behaviours
  • Feeling very low/anxious during or after pregnancy
  • Anxiety following a traumatic event
  • Anxiety about illness or physical health problems
  • Managing a long-term condition (ie diabetes, COPD)
  • Difficulty sleeping


Types of help available

We try to ensure that the type of help offered to you best matches your current needs. Our service offers an initial assessment to help us understand your main difficulties; this is often conducted over the phone in the first instance.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Guided Self Help (GSH) are evidenced based, tried and tested therapies for anxiety and depression. The focus is on what we think and do, and how this affects the way that we feel and manage our daily lives. We will help you understand your difficulties and agree personalised goals
to work on together, empowering you to make changes.


Ready to get started?

To help us decide on the best type of help for you, we will need to ask you a few questions.

Please complete self-referral form OR sign up for online treatment via SilverCloud and we will arrange an appointment for you. Please note we are only able to see patients who are registered with a City and Hackney GP.

What to do in a crisis

If you feel that you need urgent help then please call the
City & Hackney crisis helpline, which is available 24-hours
a day on 020 8432 8020.